Occupational Hygiene (OH) Professionals WSQ - Assess Confined Space for Safe Entry and Work


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This unit covers basic principles in working within/around confined space. It includes the knowledge and skills for the use of appropriate gas testing equipment and methods to obtain representative results for the assessment of atmospheric condition in confined space for safe entry and work. The skill and knowledge covered will enable the learners to be appointed as confined space safety assessor under the relevant regulations. 


On completion of this unit, the learner will have the knowledge and be equipped with the application skills in basic principles in working within/around confined space. This includes:

  • Use of appropriate gas testing equipment to ascertain that the confined space atmosphere is safe for entry and work.
  • Recognise the limitation of the test equipment used; calibrate the equipment and use it to obtain representative results for the assessment of confined space for safe entry and work.
  • Monitoring the atmospheric conditions to ensure that it is safe for entry and work

Learning Methodology

Participants will learn through a unique blend of group discussions, lecture and practical exercises.


  • Definition of confined space (Knowledge)
  • Duties and responsibility of confined space assessor and other persons involved in confined space safety management (Knowledge)
  • Confined space safety management (Knowledge)
  • Legal and other requirements on confined space (Application)
  • Types of hazards in confined space (Knowledge)
  • Harm to safety and health when entering and working confined space (Comprehension)
  • Confined space entry permit (Application)
  • Control measures for confined space safety (Application)
  • Emergency response plan (Knowledge)


The minimum criteria are:

  • ES WPLN Level 6, OR Grade C6 in GCE ‘O’ for Mathematics AND
  • Grade C6 in GCE ‘O’ Level Science (Chemistry and Physics) AND
  • WSH Skills and Knowledge equivalent to Certificate in WSH or;

3 years of relevant working experience in operations and co-ordination of safety work In place of the Certificate in WSH (option A), we also recognise the following courses as equivalent:

- CWSH: WSQ Certificate in WSH

- BCSS: Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course

- SSC: Shipyard Supervisors Safety Course

- BISH: Basic Industrial Safety and Health Course for Supervisors

- OPISC: Oil/Petrochemical Industry Safety Course for Supervisors

Note: The learners must complete the Safety Supervisors courses before 11 Jan 2011 in order to be exempted from Certificate in WSH.


The following courses will exempt the candidate from Maths, Physics and Chemistry requirements. Do note that additional requirements for WSH knowledge/ experience still applies: 

  • Confined Space Safety Assessor Bridging Course conducted by CPTC Petrofac
  • NTC Grade Two (Process Operation & Control)  
  • National ITE Certificate in Chemical Process Technology

*Pls note that candidates who have been certified competent for the WSQ Specialist Diploma in WSH will be exempted from the English, Maths and Physics course entry requirements (pegged at GCE’O’ levels) for all the OH Professionals WSQ courses. They will only need to fulfill the Chemistry and other (where applicable) requirements.


This course is intended for:

  • Persons who want to obtain the knowledge to be competent for taking up appointment of a confined space safety assessor
  • Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) professionals such as WSH Coordinators, Officers, and  Auditors
  • Occupational Hygiene (OH) professionals such as OH technicians etc.

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