About Us

Here at Iamthirsty.com.sg, we believe that learning and upgrading is a lifelong endeavour and quenching people’s thirst for knowledge is our passion.

In an increasing competitive society like Singapore, constant upgrading and learning is a necessity for all to maintain our value. Knowledge have become an asset that is invaluable to everyone seeking to enhance their value to their organisation.

We believe that taking up a course to upgrade our skills is a huge investment, both by the individuals and/or the organisation they work for.

How much time do I need to carve out?

Can I afford the time and money?

How will this benefit me?

Is the course going to teach me anything I do not already know?

It is not an easy decision to make, there are many variables and consideration, and information is not easy available in one place.

Iamthirsty.com.sg’s mission is to make it easy for upgraders to make informed decisions about their knowledge investments. All you have to do is to search and enquiry about the course you are interested in. Make your decision based on others who have attended the same course, and their feedback on how good it is.

Through this site, upgraders can search for a course, compare and shortlist courses and schools, read reviews by past attendees, read articles and guides by expects, and contact an appropriate member of staff at the school for further enquiries.

We make your lifelong learning our lifelong mission.
Quenching Your Thirst for Knowledge…

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