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  • 5 Key Takeaways from Human Resources Courses

    Posted on: 2015-Apr-09 11:20:55

    At some point of time in our career paths, the Human Resources role gets deeper entrenched into our core functional role. Whether you are a technology person, a finance person, a customer service person, a marketer or any function in an organisation; after some years you will find yourselves at in need of some HR knowledge. This is especially important when we embark on a people management role. Some of us are fortunate to acquire them by learnin...

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  • Types of Communication Skills

    Posted on: 2015-Apr-03 10:17:44

    Communication is the process of encoding and decoding messages. It is important when communicating to understand the basic skills of communication so that messages are passed and received in an effective way. Understanding the various types of communication skill including competencies is very important for various aspects of life including the business world, the social aspect and several others.The following are four most important communicati...

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  • Becoming a Leader

    Posted on: 2015-Apr-03 10:14:32

    For thousand years, leaders have always been the most valuable asset in any community. These days, in the absence of a strong leader, no company, business or organisation can thrive and that is because they are the ones who can achieve sustainable success for any of them. Leadership is what helps everyone be the best they can be. Leadership is what gives people hope for a better tomorrow.But being a leader is not easy and there are certain steps...

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  • Life-Long Learning for Singaporeans

    Posted on: 2015-Feb-24 06:39:01

    As part of the Budget 2015 announcement yesterday, every Singaporean over the age of 25 will receive a credit of $500 as part of the scheme known as SkillsFuture. This credit will not expire and will be topped up at regular intervals for Singaporeans to upgrade their skills.SkillsFuture will pour over $1 billion a year from now to 2020 on initiatives such as career guidance for students, enhanced internships, and subsidies for mid-career learnin...

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  • Employees value skills training over university degrees

    Posted on: 2015-Jan-22 05:50:18

    Intensifying skills training programmes for your employees might just give you the extra edge in boosting your staff’s potential in the workplace.According to the Q2 2014 Employment Confidence Survey by Glassdoor, 72% of employees stated they believed specialised training to acquire specific skills is more valuable than a degree.Additionally, 63% of employees surveyed said learning new skills or receiving special training is more important...

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