Workshop for Company CEO / Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)


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To embark on the bizSAFE journey, an enterprise’s top management has to sign up for this bizSAFE workshop for CEOs/Top Management. Upon completion of the workshop, your company will be granted bizSAFE Level 1 certification.

This workshop provides delegates with a good understanding of the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSHA) and its subsidiary legislations, which includes Risk Management Regulations and Guidelines on Risk Management.


  • Understand concept of bizSAFE
  • Provides top management with an understanding of their role in cultivating a good safety culture in the workplace
  • Learn to devise a suitable Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) policy for the company
  • Achieve bizSAFE Level 1 certification for the organisation


  • Overview of WSHA, subsidiary legislations and Directors’ guidelines
  • Introduction to risk management concept, bizSAFE concept and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
  • How to create a conducive safety culture in the company?
  • Financial planning, balancing profitability and safety in the organization, business case studies, tangible and intangible consequences of an incident
  • Individual assignment/ group discussion
  • Preparing a suitable WSH Policy
  • Guiding the company CEO on the contents of the policy


Delegates will learn through a unique blend of group discussions and practical exercises.


This course is intended for:

Applicants must be a company owner, Director, CEO/Top management, and one who has the responsibilities to implement WSH policy in the company. If they are not office bearers in ACRA record, he/she will not be able to attend the course unless the company owner/CEO can certify this person’s role.


There is no requirement that delegates have prior knowledge on WSH issues and statutory requirements.

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