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This course prepares candidates who have been selected or require additional training to be able to manage / supervise confined space operations, writing safe systems of work for confined spaces, write and issue permits to work and write rescue plans to enable candidates to be defined as the competent person by their employer and be a Confined Space Supervisor (Appointed/Authorised Person).


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the legislation/guidance applying to Confined Space work.
  • Understand Confined Space Classifications.
  • Undertake Risk Assessments for Confined Space work.
  • Develop Safe Systems of Work and Safe Methods of Work for Confined Space operations (Including Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Rescue Plans and Permits to Work).
  • Select, install and maintain control measures including hygiene procedures.
  • Understand the mechanism of atmosphere testing and monitoring.
  • Develop, install and maintain emergency plans and procedures.
  • Maintain records and documents for Confined Space work.
  • Understand and apply the requirements for the selection and training of personnel required to enter and work in confined spaces and be part of a rescue team.

*Please Note - the Confined Space Supervisor Course is NOT suitable for any persons who MAY HAVE to enter a confined space; it does NOT train or certify a person to enter a Confined Space.


All personnel who are required to manage, plan and supervise confined space operations, including those personnel required to write a confined space Safe System of Work (Risk Assessment, Method of Works, Rescue Plan) and prepare and issue Permits to Work for confined space entry.


The course is delivered full time (3 days).


Delegates who have attended and successfully completed the course will receive a certificate — issued by IOSH.

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