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“All conflict is about difference; whether the difference is race religion, or nationality…” -- John Hume

The main reason we need to have diversity departments, programs and trainings is that we often find it difficult to deal with differences. While diversity enriches our lives in many ways, it also makes interactions more complex and at times rather challenging. We live in a globalized world, effective communication across cultures, genders and generations has never been more important than today. Our multicultural societies and multinational teams call for more cross-cultural awareness and competence. When three-four generations work together at the same work place, we have to manage their different expectations, attitudes and behavior.

A growing number of studies show the impact of gender diversity. When and how to adjust your leadership and communication style? 

The program addresses diversity issues in general; and generational, gender and nationality diversity issues in particular in the Asian context. 

The objective is to share and identify best ways for effective and harmonious communication between diverse people as well as to share best practices for diversity management. In order to have the greatest training impact, the make-up of participants should be diverse.


Module 1

  • Different faces of diversity. Why does it matter?
  • Perceptions and reality. How to address diversity issues?

Module 2

  • Diversity in nationalities
  • Best practices for interacting in the multicultural office and in the multinational organisation

Module 3

  • Diversity in generations
  • What do the studies tell us and how we should work best together?

Module 4

  • Diversity in genders
  • When and how does it matter? Best practices
  • Aligning diversity and business strategies


Specific Learning Objectives:

  • Raising awareness on how diversity impacts our work and life
  • Creating self-awareness in three different areas of diversity: nationality, gender and generation
  • Raising awareness about the impact of our own and others’ perceptions
  • Sharing experience and best practices for effective communication with diverse groups of people
  • Sharing experience and best practices for diversity management
  • Reflecting on participants’ and their organisations’ practices
  • Identifying action points for the participants and for their organization to further improve diversity communication and practices

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Increase their understanding of the impact of diversity in the workplace
  • Increase their self-awareness in different aspects of diversity
  • Find more effective ways for managing and interacting with different people
  • Use different methods and tools for enriching diversity programs
  • Prepare an action plan for future development for themselves and their organization


The course is conducted through:

  • Group Discussions and Presentations
  • Experiential Activities, Skills-Practice / Role Plays, Videos
  • Lectures and Customised Case Studies


This course is designed for leaders, HR specialist and anybody wanting to improve communication and collaboration between diverse groups of people.

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