I-Ching for Better Career and Business Success in this VUCAD World


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This challenge in this present world is best captured with the acronyms VUCAD, representing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity and Deception. Our success in this VUCAD world depends on whether we can cope with such changes. The western linear mindset tells us to try to predict better on one hand and to stay agile and flexible on the other. A better way is found in the ancient Chinese Classical Book of I-Ching, 'the Bible of Change'. It teaches us the keys to gaining good fortunes while avoiding disasters with ease. In modern language, it is about how to maximize rewards and minimize risks.

I-Ching has been misunderstood, misused and distorted into a mythical fortune telling book and the hidden wisdom has been lost. I-Ching is actually a short book of highly codified wisdom. It gives us the unchanging principles for living, a data base of change patterns and the outcomes, and a methodology for reading a situation and applying the wisdom of I-Ching.


  1. Why I-Ching is the answer for living in this VUCAD World.
  2. I-Ching Overview
  3. The Foundation for Success in Life
  4. Effective Leadership Principles
  5. Control & Management Principles
  6. Relationship Building Principles
  7. Entrepreneurship 1 - Start out
  8. Entrepreneurship 2 - Scale Up
  9. Entrepreneurship 3 - Sustain Success
  10. Entrepreneurship 4 - Transform to be even better
  11. Be Free and Reflective in Using I-Ching & the right way to Consulting I-Ching
  12. Limitations of I-Ching


The attendee after completion of the course will be able to:

  • Have a renewed mindset to handle the changes in this VUCAD world.
  • Understand the life cycles of change and know the right things to do in each stage to get promoted to the next stage.
  • Understand the principles for harmony, abundance and stress-free living.
  • Understand the principles for building lasting enterprises from start to transform without end.
  • Understand the principles for leadership, management and relationship building,
  • Know how to read a situation, apply the wisdom of I-Ching, monitor and learn


Any professionals who like to find out more on the I-Ching ways of thinking and know how to start and build a lasting business that contributes to the society.

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