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Teams are the foundational performance units in today’s complex environment – especially so in the military context, where each member brings with him specialised knowledge and skills. In order to transcend from a group of individuals into a high performance team, a key component is knowing and appreciating each other, in order to build trust and open communications. 

To this end, this 1-day team building programme sets out to:

  • To enable participates to know each other’s styles and preferences (connection)
  • To appreciate the diversity and teamwork required (cohesion)
  • To build team effectiveness through an adventure activity (action).


This 1-day activity integrates TETRA Map - a team learning tools with outdoor adventure, a natural means of practice for military personnel.

Morning - TETRA Workshop 

  • Understanding own and team-mates’ TETRA profiles
  • Appreciating the team diversity
  • Identifying key behaviours for success 

Afternoon - ADVENTURE Workshop 

  • Applying TETRA knowledge, team diversity and key behaviours
  • Build team cohesion through a fun yet challenging activity
  • Debrief and appreciating the team

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