Team Workz: Motivating your Crew


About this Course

‘Motivation=Team Work=Higher Achievement’, thus, participating in a team provides…….

• Motivation: being positive, ‘Yes, we can do it!’

• Support: in identifying roles, skills, contribution, setting and articulating common goals

• Stimulation: through effective communication, divergent thinking and sharing resources

• Facilitation: role modeling, monitoring, mentoring, feedback and assessing progress

• Sense of belonging: sensitivity, integrity and respect

Course Objectives

This interactive session will be incorporating hands-on activities like survival skills by identifying the group dynamics; eliminating stereo typing or labelling; building interdependence skills by swapping roles so as to empathize by perspective taking as well as enhancing self-regulation skills. 

The emphasis will be more on the fulfillment of collaborative criterions rather than on competitiveness. 

The workshop aims to share some tips for individualized and team plans to motivate staff for casual interaction and tapping on each other’s expertise.

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