The Power of Nurturing Touch (Basic Technique of Infant Massage)


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Research shows that our earliest experiences with touch can affect every aspect of our lives. Nurturing touch (or the lack of it) can impact the way we think, feel and relate to others. Nurturing touch of infant massage is a powerful tool for parents and infant educarers to support, communicate, love and understand their very young children and to stay connected throughout their growing years. This is a shared experience between the mother/caregiver and the baby, and it is done with the baby not to the baby.

Course Objectives

This workshop will help participants gain a better understanding on how infant massage can support child’s development and growth. Participants can learn the basic techniques of applying nurturing touch and gentle strokes to babies, giving the babies the security they need to grow into happy, confident and emotional secure adults!

Admission Requirements

Infant Educarers

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