Flight Operations Training - ICAO Aviation English Testing and Training


About this Course

Take your ICAO compliant aviation English test using our testing and assessment solution. Those who do not meet the ICAO Level 4 requirement will be required to complete training. 

Your training can be completed entirely online or taken partially online through a blended learning approach that combines distance learning with onsite classroom learning, which research indicates is the most effective approach.

Course Content

Our English training integrates topics such as Flight Safety, Meteorology and Aviation Physiology, focusing on the terminology critical to your career. 

Training also contains exercises such as  ATC to Pilot Communication based upon real ATC tapes from a variety of international locations. Each course includes interesting topics and interactive activities.

Target Group

This course is aimed at pilots, air traffic controllers, dispatchers and other individuals seeking an ICAO Level 4 English Certification.

Entry Requirements

A background in an aviation environment.

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