Developing Global Leaders - Creating a Global Mindset for Organizations and their Leaders


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Globalization has resulted in changes about not just where but also how we conduct our business activities. Fast pace, complexity, interconnectedness, interdependence, more diversity, more uncertainty and less clarity are today's reality.

This 2-days workshop is an introductory program that is designed around the Global Competency Model which was developed based on research and decades of international experience. The model includes six areas which global leaders need to be competent in. 

These are:

  • Identifying, leveraging and shaping global trends;
  • Being able and willing to develop global alliances and international networks;
  • Being culturally competent;
  • Working with international and virtual teams;
  • Optimizing diversity; and
  • Acting and leading in a socially responsible manner.

We have developed this program with today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in mind. They have to be able to meet the challenges of globalization, to function effectively and efficiently in an ever more interconnected and interdependent world. Global leaders need to adapt their leadership style, probably using a more collaborative leadership approach.

In order to further develop certain skills, we recommend other specific workshops on these six elements of the Model.


Module 1

  • Global trends and their relevance for participants’ work
  • The importance of global alliances and international networks

Module 2

  • Building cross-cultural competence
  • Navigating successfully in the virtual world

Module 3

  • Supporting diversity: cultural, generational and gender

Module 4

  • The fit between current social responsibility practices and the company’s business strategy


Specific Learning Objectives:

  • Raising awareness for the need to develop global leadership skills
  • Creating self-awareness around the six elements of the Global Competency Model
  • Developing cross-cultural awareness and competence
  • Reflecting on participants’ and their organization’s contribution to diversity and social responsibility
  • Identifying action points for the participants and for their organization to further develop global leadership skills

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Interact more effectively with different nationalities face-to-face and virtually
  • Start leading in a more competent and responsible manner internationally
  • Map out their own global leadership development path
  • Prepare an action plan for future development for themselves and their organization


The course is conducted through:

  • Group Discussions and Presentations
  • Experiential Activities
  • Lectures
  • Skills-Practice / Role Plays
  • Videos
  • Customized Case Studies


This course is designed for members of organizations that have already internationalized or are planning to internationalize their operations; senior and middle managers with current or future international responsibilities; HR and L&D professionals in charge of developing talent and leadership for positions with international responsibilities either in Singapore or abroad.

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