About this Course

This programme provides students with the basic principle of business management and improve their management knowledge and abilities. It set the path for student to move up academically to a degree.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

At the end of the programme student has covered and capable of:

  • Students will learn about the basic principle of business management and with the added knowledge to improve their management abilities.   
  • Career Advancement
  • Progress to ABE Diploma level 5 or
  • Progress to First year of degree

Course Syllabus/Content:

  • Introduction to Business 
  • Introduction to Quantitative methods
  • Introduction to Business Communication
  • Introduction to Accounting


  • Written Exams

Each unit will be assessed via a three examination, set and marked by ABE. 

Eligibility for Graduation

Students are expected to attain an overall minimum of 40% in order to pass the examination and to pass examination paper.

Students who have successfully passed all required module will be eligible for graduation.


Students who have completed and passed all the required modules will be awarded

ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management

Progression Path 

ABE has agreement with following universities to allow its level 4 Diploma holders on to various stages of relevant degree courses: 

·         University of Conventry, UK 

·         James Cook University, UK

·         Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Course Duration / Mode of Delivery

(Total 4 Months)

4 months of day class Institutional Studies delivered via;

Theory lectures

Monday to Friday (5 hours per day)    

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16 
  • Academic Level: GCE ‘N’ Level / GCE ‘O’ Level or equivalent
  • Language Proficiency: GCE ‘N’ Level English / GCE ‘O’ Level English / IELTS 5.0 or equivalent

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