Certificate in Business Principles – Part of Diploma in Business Practice (Administration & Management)


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Certificate in Business Principles Module Synopsis Principles of Economics This module provides students with an understanding of the basic principles of economics and how they are applied in a typical economy. In Microeconomics, the individual constituent units of the economy are analysed and students will study the economic behaviours of the consumer, the firm, the market and the industry. In Macroeconomics, the economy is examined as a whole and students will learn how the overall performance of an economy is assessed by such measures as the Gross Domestic Product, economic growth rate, unemployment rate and inflation rate. Students will also learn how the government’s fiscal and monetary policies can help to improve the economy. Principles of Business Law This module provides students with an understanding of the basic knowledge of the law and its application in a business environment. Topics include the Singapore Legal System, Law of Contract, Law of Tort, Agency Law, Law of Business Organisations, Intellectual Property Law and Business Ethics. Principles of Marketing This module provides students with the basic concepts and principles of the marketing of goods and services. The aim of this module is to enable students to better understand and evaluate the marketing system in which products and services are planned, priced, promoted and distributed. It helps students to appreciate the interaction of marketing variables and their impact on marketing decisions. Students will be provided the opportunity to learn and apply marketing concepts in a creative way through project work, presentations and group discussions.

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