The Craft of Copywriting


About this Course

This two-day workshop introduces our participants to creative development and the skills of copywriting. The broad based workshop covers advertising and sales writing across a variety of media which includes television, print, radio and digital. Participants can expect to raise their standards of writing and be more aware of how to make a strong and effective communication.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Get an idea and how to overcome Writer's Block
  • Construct a copy, examine writing techniques and learn about the finer points in writing
  • Develop storyboards, write for TV Commercials and online videos
  • Write for eDMs (Electronic Direct Mailers), Blogs, Sales Letters and Press Releases

Target Audience

This course would appeal to anyone in the Communications industry.


Two days


Module 1

  • The History of Copywriting
  • Famous Copywriters and their Works
  • The Emergence of the Ad Agency
  • The Attributes that makes a good Copywriter
  • The Sectors Covered by Copywriting
  • Part 1 On How to Get An Idea
  • Group Exercise to Create Ideas

Module 2

  • Part 2 On How to Get An Idea and Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Fourteen Ways to Develop A Headline and Advertisement
  • How long should a Headline be? What stops Headlines from being read? 

Module 3

  • Focus on Body Text
  • How to Construct Your Copy, Writing Techniques and the Finer Points Of Writing
  • How The Choice Of Typeface Affects Communication
  • Brief On Writing a Sample Ad Copy

Module 4

  • Writing For TV Commercials and Online Videos
  • How to develop a Storyboard or a Script
  • How Production Limitations affect the Copywriter
  • The pitfall in writing a Script

Module 5

  • Campaign Taglines
  • Group Exercises on Writing Taglines
  • Writing For Radio
  • Group Presentation on Writing For Radio
  • Writing For Design

Module 6

  • Writing For The Internet, Blogs, Email Sales Letters and eDMs
  • What Gets Online Copies Read
  • Using Keywords to Increase Readership
  • Writing Press Releases


  • A series of lectures with visual examples and actual case studies
  • Group participation, with class group work and individual homework
  • Facilitator provides critiques and guidance to the participants
  • Extensive course notes are provided

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