SEO 201 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advanced


About this Course

Take your SEO skillset to the next level!

SEO 201 is the second part of series of courses that leads to TDSC (Think Digital SEO Certification Program). 

Our SEO 201 course covers advanced topics including Microformats, local SEO, content strategy, mobile SEO, video optimization and SEO tools.

  • SEO has 17 modules and taught in 3 days
  • 6-month SEO mentoring
  • Access to a SEO mastermind community

This is a 3 day SEO program will be hands-on and personalized to you and your classmates. Through demonstrations of common situations, and practical approaches to your own digital marketing challenges, we work right alongside you to ensure your full comprehension of the workshop materials 

Students who attend the 3-Day SEO certification training will learn about advance and in-depth SEO analysis, technical and measurement implementation. 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be confident to analyse their current SEO performance and identify which sector to prioritize and improve. 

Students will able to build and implement an advanced SEO strategy and action plan including the use of ethical link building through established Internet websites and modern social networking media 


Day 1

Module 1: Microformats

Module 2: Video Optimization

Module 3: Local Search

Module 4: Image Optimization

Review 1: “Live” website reviews

Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.

Day 2

Module 5: Creativity in SEO

Module 6: Persuasive Copywriting for the Web

Module 7: Working with the Pay Search Engines

Module 8: Mobile SEO

Module 9: Site Technical issues: Troubleshooting

Review 2: More custom website reviews

Optimization process review

Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.

Day 3

Module 10: Competitive Analysis

Module 11: Google Penalties

Module 12: SEO Measurement Tracking and Performance

Module 13: Special Bonus: Link Building Session

Module 14: Special Bonus: Conversion Optimization Session

Module 15: Local Business Audit

Module 16: Enterprise SEO Audit

Module 17: The SEO Practitioner Career Path

Group Q&A


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Improve your use of SEO as a competitive tool, and identify quick-win opportunities
  • Understand new SEO innovations and changing search engine trends
  • Make your site easy for the engines to index and properly categorize
  • Implement basic SEO Audit
  • Enable sites to work properly in all W3C-compliant browsers, meaning your site may be viewed by the greatest potential number of visitors


The course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers and campaign managers who want to implement advance SEO methodologies and execute enterprise-level SEO for their own website, using internal resources or by engaging an agency.


For SEO training, it is preferable for all attendees to have on-line administration access to an active (recording some data) Google Analytics account.

Students are highly encouraged to attend SEO 101 courses prior to SEO 201 or obtained an equivalent prerequisite.

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