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The ability to sell professionally has been a much sought-after and essential skill in the modern organisations and the commercial world. This is especially so in the context of professional organisations where it utilises its salespeople to reach out to prospective buyers.

People-to-people interaction is thus a vital factor to fulfill the organisation’s objectives; however, difficulties may occur during communication and the sales process. Developing selling skills will give the salespeople much more confidence and higher productivity because they can communicate clearly and convince well, selling the respective products and services.

As such, the utilisation of the Dynamic Selling Process and the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology becomes a powerful advantage for effective selling as well as professional satisfaction.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Analyse the thinking and language patterns of the prospective customers
  • Design powerful and dynamic sales strategies
  • Speak convincingly to prospective customers
  • Create instant rapport with prospects with ease
  • Handle objections effectively and professionally, maintaining respect
  • Be convincing and make rational sales decisions in the face of pressure
  • Have greater control over the selling process and overall success

Target Audience

Businessmen, General Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service Managers, Sales and Marketing Executives, Retailers. Suitable for participants from any segment of the consumer, business, industrial or service industry.


Two days


  • The Importance of Professional Selling and Your Results
  • How can You Sell Professionally in the context of Benefits and Features?
  • Knowing the Buyer's and Seller's Process
  • Designing the Anatomy of Selling to Your Advantage
  • Integrating Dynamic Selling Process into Your Sales Promotion Strategies
  • Applying Powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques to Your Sales
  • Ways of Identifying Your Customers' Thinking Process to Get You More Sales
  • Understanding The Powerful Communication Patterns for Sales
  • How to Create Subliminal Sales Language Patterns to Sell Easily?
  • Ways to Make Your Customers Want to Buy From You
  • Rapport Building with Your Customers for Enhanced Selling
  • How can You Accelerate, Increase and Magnify Your Sales Success Rates?


  • Employ powerful and dynamic presentations techniques that will increase knowledge, enhance learning, heighten motivation and awareness
  • Include role play sessions and other experiential activities to make learning more effective and real
  • Include interactive tools to “probe the comfort zone”
  • Include group discussions and feedback to maximise the participants’ learning abilities

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