IRCA Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor / Lead Auditor Conversion Training - IRCA Reg A16834


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This course meets the International Register of Certificated Auditors Criteria, IRCA/2010.

This course coaches OH&S auditors in the principles and practices specific to auditing for conformance with the National and International Accepted Norms and Regulation related to OH&S requirements as well as the OHSAS 18001/BS 8800 Specification.


  • Understand the rationale supporting OHSMS implementation and accurately interpret the requirements of the OHSAS 18001/BS 8800 specification and their scope and fields of application.
  • Techniques available, process and principles of hazard and risk assessment and emergency response and preparedness and their significance in self-regulating all OH&S requirements.
  • How to plan, prepare, perform and report OHSMS audits including ability to collect and analyze evidence, exercise objectivity and make decisions on the significance of observation made in accordance to relevant audit criteria.


  • Auditors who have relevant foundation or knowledge in Auditing Principles and Skills.
  • Management Representatives and Internal Quality Auditors who are responsible for the audit and maintenance of the organization OHSMS


All students must have successfully completed an IRCA certified (or equivalent) 5-day Lead Auditor training course in another discipline (QMS, EMS, ISMS etc) and an understanding of relevant occupational health and safety issues (this may be specific to their industry context and location).

Summary of Course Features:

  • IRCA Registered
  • Conducted by IRCA approved Lead Tutors
  • Knowledge-based training with Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Skilled-based training with simulating and enriching syndicate work activities
  • Award IRCA Recognized Certificate of Successful Completion and Attendance

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