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Our Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Construction Management is validated by Birmingham City University (BCU) and has been approved to be delivered in Singapore, by Global School of Technology and Management (GSTM), on the basis of an Articulation against GSTM’s Diplomas, at levels 4 and 5, and a franchised top-up of the honours degree at level 6.

As this is a franchise arrangement, the programme to be delivered by GSTM is identical to that delivered in the UK and all modules will be delivered by approved GSTM staff providing students with the same contact teaching hours, module content and assessments approved by BCU teaching staff.

The BSc (Hons) in Construction Management is designed to provide students in Singapore with enhanced technical knowledge and understanding in order to progress their careers, balancing this with the ability to think critically, reason, analyse, research and evaluate, the skills associated with higher education. Thus the programme provides both the life skills and technical knowledge necessary to further pursue a professional career within the realm of Construction Management.

This Bachelor’s Degree programme in Construction Management prepares students for an exciting and challenging career in the construction industry. By working with industrial partners and through a rigorous and coherent curriculum focusing on problem-solving, it aims at developing students’ intellectual and practical competence required by the industry. After completing this course, the students should have a broad range of knowledge of the legal, technical, managerial, economic, social and environmental aspects of construction projects, and can confidently manage both building and civil engineering projects.

Drawing upon key industrial links, it supports students by applying their learning to problem-based scenarios. Students are helped to develop competencies and skills that are transferrable to the full range of international and national construction workplace environments.

Students will learn how to appreciate and identify technical problems within a complex legal, social and economic environment, and will learn to facilitate and foster an appreciation of the role of other related disciplines within the construction and property industries and how they integrate with the role of the construction manager.

*Student who have successfully completed and graduated from the above mentioned program with at least 5 years in the execution of construction projects, can apply to BCA as a General Builder GB Class 1 Technical Control

The programme aims to provide learners with:

  • A curriculum that encourages students to seek solutions through problem based learning
  • Appreciation of the needs of the wider development community
  • An appreciation of costing and pricing techniques in accordance with a standard method of measurement
  • An understanding of operational management, resource management and the construction process
  • Appreciation of construction technology and innovation
  • The ability to synthesize complex information and communicate effectively
  • Appreciation of construction law and procurement
  • Knowledge and ability to work in teams and lead teams including the aptitude to work independently
  • An appreciation of the wider context of strategic management and the impact of the political and economic climate
  • A qualification accredited by the relevant professional bodies
  • An appreciation of all the roles in the industry and the importance of being a reflective manager
  • Appropriate level of understanding of organisational management in construction companies, business processes, accounting and keeping the company operating, developing negotiation and mediation skills 

MODULES (Each modules contribute 15 credits and Project 30 credits)



  • CONTRACT PRACTICE (Coursework)

  • BID STRATEGY (Coursework)


  • CIVIL ENGINEERING (Coursework)


ASSESSMENTS Assignment and Written Examination :

Includes continuous coursework assessment, assignments, presentations, 

reports portfolio as well as minimum examinations.

Intended learning outcomes and the means by which they are achieved and demonstrated:

Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge and Understanding 

2. Intellectual Skills 

3. Practical Skills

4. Transferable/Key Skills 

Support for Learning

Students are encouraged to identify and, with guidance, to reflect on their own learning needs and are offered the following support as appropriate to those needs:

  • An initial induction programme dealing with orientation and the dissemination of essential information including a programme of study skills, library use, essay-writing, problemsolving and information technology;
  • Extra sessions on revision and examination techniques for those needing additional support;
  • A University Student Course Handbook, containing information relating to the University, BSBE and GSTM and a Programme Specification with information on the course and the modules;
  • A Module Document containing details of content, programme and assessment for each module studied
  • A Year Tutor to advise on pastoral and academic issues, and to offer support ;
  • Access to University and GSTM resources,;
  • Access to the services of the Liaison Librarian team;
  • Assistance and support for learning skills from specialist staff; 


  • GSTM Specialist Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Construction Management (inclusive of free bridging module – Professional Practice Project 2

Other qualification may apply subjected to Birmingham City University approval such as :

  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 in relevant field
  • Other equivalent qualification from recognized institutions
  • Minimum requirement for English Language GCE C6 or IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL equivalent


Part time : 15 months - Twice a week (3 hours per day)

Weekdays : 7pm to 10pm (36 hours per module)

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