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Course Objective • Understanding of WSH (Construction) Regulation and WSH (Confined Space) Regulation pertaining to Work in Confined Space • Understand the Duties and Responsibilities of all personnel involved in Confined Space works (Entrant, Attendant, Supervisor, Confined Space Safety Assessor, Rescue Personnel, Authorized Manager) • Identify Confined Space Hazard – Atmospheric Hazard • Identify Confined Space Hazard – Physical, Biological, Electrical, Noise,Thermal Stress Hazards • Understand Risk Assessment Process (Hazard Identification, Severity of Consequences, Likelihood, Risk Matrix) • Understand Confined Space Entry Permit System Requirements • Prevention and Control of Confined Space Hazards • Use and Limitations of Gas Detection Instruments • Selection, Use, Fit and Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment use for Work in Confined Space Accident Case Studies of Accidents in Confined Space • Communication and Emergency Response Plan ( Include identification of hazardous conditions, evacuation conditions, self-rescue procedures, rescue and personal protective equipment used for rescue in confined space with hazardous condition, entry and non-entry rescue methods and retrieval techniques for injured personnel

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